Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What is happening in 2009?

in 2009 I've been worked for some project on education magazine in Jakarta. I wrote some of their rubric such as BOTANI, ZOOLOGI, FISIKA, etc. Commonly i made a write for book, but on this project i wrote in rubric format, means only 5 - 8 pages per rubric. Being proud to do it, because in the process to make it somebody can having their own stresses. Not easier to make in less pages when u used to make in lot pages.
But thank's again for the opportunity that they had given me, because I could study and learn more about shorty script in comical world.
So here's some sample of them when I've been worked at.


  1. keren!!!

    campuran warnanya pas...komposisi panel juga ok

  2. Whuaaa tengkyu buat tim ilustrator di Jakarta ^_^