Thursday, December 1, 2011

An education animation

Finally after hardworking for couple months with the team (screen writer) the project will be launched on television this december. Amin, that was the 1st word I said when reading the information.  Not so long our screen writer supervisor was showing us the opening about it that posted already at YouTube.
Nice eh? :),
You can catch-up the Opening here :

And u can see lil info about it at :

This creation are belongs to Indonesian Creative people from Bandung City under license of Diknas. Will be launching on 3 television station such as MNC tv, Global Tv and TVRI.  Big thank you too for the animation studios that is creating this masterpiece.
Huwaaa, may this little movie could be bring some new spirit about nationality , also bring many sparks to those  audience.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

I am Here still

Yes I am here still.
Loyal with the job as a writer education book for children.
Unfortunately , not yet posting the new one because of the bless HE given me lately.
Otherwise, I was make-up this blog a little yesterday. You all see yeap :)
Btw, I've got another offer after long writing for books then another shot came and I'm in the middle of the project.

Is it still at writing world?

Me , is doing script for a making of an education animation movies for Junior High School. I am learning again here, but everything are feel fine.

Well, may all running as well as the trial.
In everywhere the movies also the next books.
Amien (^_^)