Saturday, August 18, 2012

Long time no see .
The last i'm doing is being a writer for an internet media that related with entrepreneurship and motivation.  Different feels but still okay to do it.  Feel so excited too being on this field, a new fragrant and enjoy it :).
Never stop writing i guess so (^_^).

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hallo semua pembaca, lama tidak bertemu bukan?
Saya masih berbakti di bidang penulisan pendidikan tentu.  Saat ini sedang menggarap penulisan animasi sesi dua.  Semoga yang kami kerjakan akan menjadi penerangan buat banyak orang. Amin :)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

History is my part at Menggapai Bintang

Amin our animation Menggapai Bintang was receiving good feedback from audience at 2 weeks trial shows education movie at three station television.  Many of them put a good criticism for the next development of it series.  By the way there is a question about my part in this movie, so in this chance i will say that I am one of script writer who working for History task.  There were 10 chapter on history and I was working in chapter 5 and 8.  Both are telling about Diplomatic of Indonesian inside and outside the country.  Everything was packed on 8 minutes , so it'll be short and clear also brighter for whom seen it.

By the way to whom wanna see the trailer, could click this:
and click at Sejarah field
you can just click this one:

Well, this all was making by Indonesian youth people for bright future Indonesia nation.  This animation is under license of Diknas as a directorate of education in Indonesia. By the way without bored I wanna thanks for whole animator, 3D modeller, the voices, story editor, writer team also the networking of 3 station televisions, so that we could launched out this simply movie to the audience around the country.  May this simple one bring positive feedback for all.

For whole team :
The audience tell us to continued the project , they are appreciated and excited well for this education movie.