Tuesday, January 17, 2012

History is my part at Menggapai Bintang

Amin our animation Menggapai Bintang was receiving good feedback from audience at 2 weeks trial shows education movie at three station television.  Many of them put a good criticism for the next development of it series.  By the way there is a question about my part in this movie, so in this chance i will say that I am one of script writer who working for History task.  There were 10 chapter on history and I was working in chapter 5 and 8.  Both are telling about Diplomatic of Indonesian inside and outside the country.  Everything was packed on 8 minutes , so it'll be short and clear also brighter for whom seen it.

By the way to whom wanna see the trailer, could click this:
and click at Sejarah field
you can just click this one:


Well, this all was making by Indonesian youth people for bright future Indonesia nation.  This animation is under license of Diknas as a directorate of education in Indonesia. By the way without bored I wanna thanks for whole animator, 3D modeller, the voices, story editor, writer team also the networking of 3 station televisions, so that we could launched out this simply movie to the audience around the country.  May this simple one bring positive feedback for all.

For whole team :
The audience tell us to continued the project , they are appreciated and excited well for this education movie.

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