Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Hello all, how's world? great enough, i hope so.

Long time no stories here not because i am quitting from writing world.  Still on this field actually, learning to be a content and ghost writer.  what am I writing about ? well more to articles on entrepreneur worlds, biography of, etc.
Being a contributor at some local dot com tabloid and prepared to make new creation at creative writing. And trying new field as a book translator.  all in one medium, why not as long as can conducted all in a rhyme (:
By the way remember about the book called Free Mind's - The Sun, well its been Sold Out and appreciates by them who lived in outside the country.  Appreciate for those buy it, thank you so much  :).

Well, may the new book(s) will be available in a good way too.
Ps : o yeah about the old comics, if you not seen it again on the store seem its already sold out too, because couple months ago I just bought the last six books at store ( the Gutenberg one).  the others, well they had a same situation too.  Gracias for those buy those education comic :D
Will never stop writing (^_^)

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