Tuesday, February 11, 2014

New Year New Activities

Voila voila 2014
What is going on this year?
Well, first of all as my job turn to be Special Editor at somewhere place called Wacana Inspirasi Media then I landed there and use my brain to have tunes on this with the team.
On this february 15th, 2014 we are going to represnt a Workshop special for Creative Writing Secrets, ONE day only.
This event were organized with our partner too such as Gagas Media, Bukune , Pt. Pos Indonesia, JCI Bandung, also the director named Marky Jahjali.
You want to go here, let's catch up us there then and having fun with juicy time.
C'mon just move and don't stared this pic only and meet you all (^____^)

PS: This event is located in Bandung City, Indonesia - Just go abroad then :D

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