Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Ini Hari Sumpah Pemuda , kawan!

Sudah lama memang tidak muncul di space mungil penuh burung ini, namun tak melupakan hari bersejarah ini
28 Oktober sebagai Hari SUMPAH PEMUDA.

Satu Tumpah Darah
Satu Bangsa
Satu Tanah Air
----- INDONESIA -----

Untuk seorang saya , negara ini so wow! Istimewa dengan pelbagai timeline kehidupannya.
Meski begitu seorang saya masih berpacu untuk ada di dalam roda menuju cahaya yang lebih terang.
Semoga kalian juga ya (^_^).

Salam bangun pemuda-pemudi Indonesia!

What next?

What next?

Next is stepping to the 2nd of our book for Free Your Mind.
Still remember about us or just forget? Well, this is ours (^_^)
Somehow, people just making so many question about When the second book will be launching again?
Hahaha what a wonderful and unpredictable feedback from those who was loving that kinda book that framing in PositiVo action.
Its simple yet bring good and fun moments.

Gracias for everyone who already bought it .

O ya! about the second its still on the way, just wait - keep in patient until the lovely time come.
Thank you for stop by here.


2014 published book

This is a #latepost
Because this is a notes about a book that I written and was published at March, 2014.
Simple problem just forget a little where i put the key to this blog (hahahaha ^_^, Lol)
By the way , what book?

Well its a book in the different genre with others i used to be write before.  I'm practicing again to write in a Social - Politics features.  Its about the positive form of  efforts with the team in making the development of this country by our second president.  Were writing this with two others too ( Moh . Alfan and Mayang Lestari), the title is "Piye Kabare...? Penak Jamanku To! by Damian Press.
Thanks for Wacana Inspirasi Media too, may the bright future of writing world could be in filling by smile for many people for it positive sphere. (^_^). Amiin.