Friday, December 5, 2014

December Activities

Hello all, hows the world doing? May all happen for a good reason to learn (^_^).
By the way arrival at december already yeap? How fast the time roll , btw I met precious things few days ago.
A learnt from a French producer named Jacques-Remy Girerd that became a source in one of Festival Sinema Perancis 2014 that held by IFI and FDGI Bandung branches.  Its a time where we discuss at his screening animation, pretty fun to get some knowledge from its event anyway. His movie that we discuss is about the little kid that don't have anything, meanwhile in the stories its develop with great into many subjects of life. Its good cartoon movie named MIA et LE MIGOU.
While you all wants to read it, please come to the other blog of mine, -----> Here <----- nbsp="" p="">Its a simple info, may from little could be giving some enrichment point of view to ur knowledge ^_^ .

Salam Berkreatifitas dan Berkarya.
Be Happy ^_^
Terima kasih sudah mampir.


Baiklah pertanyaan berikutnya adalah menunggu karya selanjutnya.

Semua sedang dalam proses kawan-kawan baik project pribadi dan project edukasi lainnya.
Masih ada amiin :D, doakan lancar untuk semua yang akan datang.
Terimakasih untuk pertanyaan akan karyanya, its giving spirits to always moving great.

Salam ,

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