Monday, February 13, 2017

Patient and happiness 😊

What else?
Still on process again the next creation.
Be patient for its smile will in right line and right time.
Be happy everywhere readers, thx for stop by and reading this blog.

Warm regards.

2017 with the poetry

" seem easy but not as simple as that because of the lines just standing as it bites the audience assumption of some conditions at life", Tindra Anindita writer of Muara Hati - also known as a reporter too. 

2017 is in, this one is my latest creation.
It's a compiled poetry I made from several years ago. Finally after this and that the book just born. What language?  still in bahasa and several english as I usually put the words in making poetry. 
How to get this one?
Fortunately you can get this one through this link at or
It's on Print on Demand (POD) system or else the kinder. 
Yeaaay it's born! it's born! have a bless time in reading this one yeah.

---  Terimakasih ---